Montel shelving systems offer a wide range of accessories and practical features and can be adapted to your specific storage needs. The Aetnastak and Smartshelf shelving systems are the most flexible shelving systems on the market. 

SmartShelf (U.S. Patent No. 6 814 245) / 4-Post Hybrid Shelving 
A revolutionary new shelving system that provides infinite storage possibilities, making it the most flexible system ever offered in the storage industry. The Smartshelf shelving system offers a storage capacity on shelves unequalled by other shelving systems. 

Aetnastak / Cantilever Library Shelving 
A shelving system that offers a wide range of accessories and practical features. The Aetnastak - Cantilever shelving system is simply the most effective shelving system in the industry. 

Cabinet Style / Case-Type Shelving
Highly durable, this shelving's locking devices guarantee secure storage for all your confidential records. A compact and revolutionary shelving system. 

4D Wide Span / Long Span Shelving
For fixed and compact storage applications, 4-D wide span shelving can be used with Montel Mobilex carriages and is designed for large applications. 

Accessories / Doors / Drawers / A large variety of accessories is available for any of your special storage requirements. You can easily integrate many options which will adapt perfectly to our moveable shelving systems. 

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