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Shelvingguys offers a wide variety of specialty cabinets designed to meet the security & aesthetic storage needs of our customers.

These specialty cabinets can be mounted on mobile carriage systems in order to maximize the available space.

MixMedia Cabinets
Multimedia cabinets are designed to efficiently store CD's & DVD's, VHS Tapes, Audio Tapes and other specialized media.
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Museum Cabinets
This versatile array of carefully crafted cabinets is designed to accommodate your special needs and preserve your unique collections. All materials used have been tested and are certified to be safe and "non-off-grassing".
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Brep-1 / Periodicals Display
A versatile storage unit containing 5 sloped shelves to display your brochures or current month's periodicals. Each section is movable for easy access to entire display.
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Gun & Ammunitions Cabinets
A mobile cabinet that offers a secure environment for weapons storage.

Cabinet Style Shelving
This versatile product line has the look of a finished cabinet, but all of the versatility of modular shelving.
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